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Ann Esievoadje is a Writer, Editor and Content Creator who has been publishing articles since 2005 in different publications (both print and digital). Raised as a science student, she nursed her desire for the written arts until she graduated from Computer Engineering at the University of Benin, Benin City with both a diploma and a B.ENG degree. The Quilt is her first published book (a collection of short stories), and she's currently working on multiple projects including her novel, Freakshow and her blog, Life, Love and Anything Goes ( When she isn't glued to her computer or scribbling in her notepads, she spends her time reading, watching movies, salivating over culinary programs and swimming. She lives in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria with her husband, Kite, and together they have two sons, Nathan and Jaden Esievoadje. You can contact her at or on Twitter at @annkite0.

Breast Milk vs. Formula? Must Read Part 2

We promised we’d bring you the second half of this debate and here it is. The pros and cons of formula for baby. Formula: Pros Convenient! Baby can be fed in public, and by anyone. This saves a lot of time for mama and she can easily get back to her pre-baby life. Freedom! Mama […]

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