5 Fun Things To Do With Kids in Benin City

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5 Fun Things To Do With Kids in Benin City

5 Fun Things To Do With Kids in Benin City

Holidays should be a perfect blend of education and fun for children because, ‘all play with no work, makes Jill a hyper girl’. Keeping kids engaged during a long holiday is hard work in Benin City. Here are a few suggestions you could check out.

 1. Ogba Zoo

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Children love animals especially toddlers; so take them to the Zoo. Besides seeing the animals live, they can learn about what the animals eat like the Civet being a herbivore or the other kinds of things Monkeys can eat besides bananas. There is even a souvenir shop of Nigerian made trinkets. Did I mention it is super affordable? The kids get to ride horses (for a fee), play in a huge bouncy castle, and the trekking will tire them out fast (which means they’ll fall asleep on the ride home and you can get some peace of mind and silence. Wink).

2. Kada Cinemas and Entertainment Centre

5 Fun Things To Do With Kids in Benin City

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Wondering why I didn’t start with this right? LOL. If you’ve got loads of cash to spare, this is an excellent way to keep the kids busy. They can perfect their basketball skills of shooting hoops or exercise by dancing against the machine in a Zumba-like fashion (that is sure to wear them out) in the arcade section. But get ready to drag them out once their time is up because it will be a miracle for them to leave voluntarily.


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3. Benin Museum

Embedded in King’s Square, the heart of Benin City, the Museum was opened in 1973 and is home to priceless artifacts like paintings, cast and bronze works, terracotta artworks and the history of Benin City. Entry fee is very affordable; prepare to spend no less than two hours walking through the various hallways.

4. Igun Street

Don’t be fooled by its humble exterior. This commercially busy street is listed as a Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO and is the home to the Guild of brass/bronze casters whose ancestral lineage made the famous Benin artworks seen in Museums around the globe. Also, there are paintings, and wood carved artworks there. These art pieces decorate the entrance of the street and are quite intricate in details. If your kids are artistic or love sculpture, this area is for you.

5. Benin Moat

This might not be a glorious sight to see as weeds and civilization have crept up to eat up most of its grandeur, but the sheer width and length of the moat which extends through the Benin environs is worth visiting. It is the second largest man-made structure in the world and the amount of earth moved in its creation in the 12th century is more than that used to build the pyramids of Egypt. Make sure you have fuel and a map to guide you the areas the moat cuts across.

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Holidays in Benin City can be fun too; it depends on how you decide to use it and when the break is over, your kids will look forward to the next holiday.

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