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3 Ways To Store Expressed Breast Milk

You’ve pumped milk and baby aren’t quite ready for it yet. So what next? How do you store expressed milk? You have three options. At room temperature You can leave freshly expressed milk in a room where the temperature is between 16 -27 deg C, for 3 to 6 hours. Any warmer, then it’s best […]

3 Ways To Store Expressed Breast Milk

​Sleep Training 101 (Pt 2)

Last week, we started our series on sleep training 101. This is the second part. If you missed the first one, catch up here. Here are some practical ways to sleep train your child: 1. Bedtime routines Starts 30-40mins before your child goes to sleep. Should be predictable and relaxing. Should include baths, nappy changes, […]

​Sleep Training 101 (Pt 1)

6 Tips For Selecting A Creche in Nigeria

Choosing the right creche for your baby may sound like a simple task, but most first-time moms find out soon enough that the process can be nerve-racking. Every other day, there’s a horrifying story of children being maltreated, harmed or worse while in the care of other adults. Still, we have to work. Some working […]

6 Tips For Selecting A Creche in Nigeria

​Sleep Training 101 (Pt 1)

It’s easy to lie to yourself that your baby’s poor sleeping habit is a norm. After all, every other mother around you has the same struggles. But the truth is, for the sake of your sanity, you need to find a way to get them to have the required amount of sleeping hours per day. […]

​Sleep Training 101 (Pt 1)

6 Fun Things You Should Do With Your Kids in Lagos

Learning doesn’t end in the classroom, and hanging out with your kids can be both fun and educational. A great family outing is essential for creating long-lasting memories that the whole family will treasure forever. Also, the things you do with your kids when they are very young can influence the choices they make when […]

Safety Tips At Home for Babies & Children

Ensuring your child’s safety means taking steps to prevent accidents & illnesses from happening. We can do this more in the case of accidents and to a somewhat less extent in the case of illnesses e.g. prevent exposure to triggers of seizures or asthma attacks but less so for congenital illnesses. “Accidents hurt – safety doesn’t” […]

Pumping School 101: More on Breast Pumps

Should you get a manual pump or an electric pump? If electric, should you get battery-operated or plug-in breast pumps? Should you get single flange pumps (for expressing milk one breast at a time) or double flange pumps (for expressing both breasts at the same time)? Decisions, decisions. Manual breast pumps Pros Inexpensive. Good for expressing milk occasionally. Convenient and easy […]

Breast Pumps: A Working Mom’s Best Friend

You’ve probably heard the myths about breast pumps. Your breasts will get flat fast. The breast milk tastes different when expressed. The former is a myth. The latter is a function of how well the milk is stored. As a working mom, breast pumps are a life saver. They allow you to continue with exclusive breastfeeding, as […]

breast pumps

Breast Milk vs. Formula? Must Read Part 2

We promised we’d bring you the second half of this debate and here it is. The pros and cons of formula for baby. Formula: Pros Convenient! Baby can be fed in public, and by anyone. This saves a lot of time for mama and she can easily get back to her pre-baby life. Freedom! Mama […]


Breast Milk vs. Formula? Must Read

Breast milk or formula? This debate is as old as…formula. In some hospitals, just before delivery, they make you indicate on a form which feeding philosophy you’ve chosen. Will you bottle-feed or breast-feed? Will you do both? For many women in our mothers’ generation, it was a no-brainer. They had seen their own mothers (our […]

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