6 Fun Things You Should Do With Your Kids in Lagos

Learning doesn’t end in the classroom, and hanging out with your kids can be both fun and educational. A great family outing is essential for creating long-lasting memories that the whole family will treasure forever. Also, the things you do with your kids when they are very young can influence the choices they make when […]

Safety Tips At Home for Babies & Children

Ensuring your child’s safety means taking steps to prevent accidents & illnesses from happening. We can do this more in the case of accidents and to a somewhat less extent in the case of illnesses e.g. prevent exposure to triggers of seizures or asthma attacks but less so for congenital illnesses. “Accidents hurt – safety doesn’t” […]

Pumping School 101: More on Breast Pumps

Should you get a manual pump or an electric pump? If electric, should you get battery-operated or plug-in breast pumps? Should you get single flange pumps (for expressing milk one breast at a time) or double flange pumps (for expressing both breasts at the same time)? Decisions, decisions. Manual breast pumps Pros Inexpensive. Good for expressing milk occasionally. Convenient and easy […]

Breast Pumps: A Working Mom’s Best Friend

breast pumps

You’ve probably heard the myths about breast pumps. Your breasts will get flat fast. The breast milk tastes different when expressed. The former is a myth. The latter is a function of how well the milk is stored. As a working mom, breast pumps are a life saver. They allow you to continue with exclusive breastfeeding, as […]

Breast Milk vs. Formula? Must Read Part 2


We promised we’d bring you the second half of this debate and here it is. The pros and cons of formula for baby. Formula: Pros Convenient! Baby can be fed in public, and by anyone. This saves a lot of time for mama and she can easily get back to her pre-baby life. Freedom! Mama […]

Breast Milk vs. Formula? Must Read

breast milk

Breast milk or formula? This debate is as old as…formula. In some hospitals, just before delivery, they make you indicate on a form which feeding philosophy you’ve chosen. Will you bottle-feed or breast-feed? Will you do both? For many women in our mothers’ generation, it was a no-brainer. They had seen their own mothers (our […]

Nursery Ideas On A Budget

Nursery Ideas On A Budget

The arrival of a baby is one that comes with serious plans and preparations. A lot of things have to be in place to ensure a smooth transition. You want her to feel as safe and comfortable in her new home. One of those necessities is a baby nursery. Whether it’s in your bedroom or in […]