5 Fun Things To Do With Your Kids In Port-Harcourt 

5 Fun Things To Do With Your Kids In Port-Harcourt 

Port Harcourt is unofficially the fun capital of Nigeria, and there are many exciting places to take your kids. Use family time as the opportunity to sow seeds of future greatness in your kids and they’ll grow up to become cultured adults. You should curate your family’s outings according to the kind of informal education you want your children to have.

Engaging children in fun activities shouldn’t be a big deal for PH parents because there are so many fun things to do with kids in Port Harcourt.

Some of which include;

1. Dine Out in Style at Baraka

5 Fun Things To Do With Your Kids In Port Harcourt 

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The ambiance and serenity at Baraka is amazing! Introduce your kids to the world of fine dining and you will be glad you did. Choose between a casual dining experience on the ground floor or climb to the top floor if you want to keep things formal. The menu selection is awesome, as there are great offerings for both the kids and the adults in your company. You will find many African and continental dishes on this menu. Baraka is unarguably the best place to get grilled meat in Port Harcourt.

2. See Exotic Animals at the Port Harcourt Zoo

5 Fun Things To Do With Your Kids In Port Harcourt 

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The Port Harcourt is a great place to take your kids on weekends. The state-owned zoological park has a variety of animals to include deer, ostriches, and monkeys. The lions are fun to watch, too. The kids will love seeing these animals especially if they are fans of Animal Planet or Nat Geo Wild. It is also a good place to take photos for the family album, so you should absolutely take a camera.

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3. Catch Blockbuster Movies in Port Harcourt Cinemas

Catch the latest blockbusters at Genesis Cinemas or Filmhouse Cinemas at Spar. Load up on popcorn and drinks and treat the kids to a Saturday of 3D movies. This is an experience they will never forget. You can also eat lunch and shop in the surrounding malls before or after your movie.

4. Have a Family Day Out at Garden City Amusement Park

5 Fun Things To Do With Your Kids In Port Harcourt 

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Hang out with your kids in a safe and secure environment. Your kids will make new friends because this is a favorite hangout spot for many families in Port Harcourt. Do your kids love word games? This park hosts an annual Scrabble championship and spelling bee competitions for kids. Every summer holiday, the park hosts computer training and classes for kids who want to learn how to play musical instruments.

5. Enjoy Family Time at Peace Park

Peace Park is one of Port Harcourt’s popular recreational parks. This place creates a relaxing atmosphere for parents and kids alike. The walkways are beautiful and the cenotaph is a must-see. Grow your family album by taking lots of beautiful pictures in this park. For kids, learning is fun and fun is learning. Carving out time to do things with your kids is a great opportunity to bond with them while also engaging them in activities that diversify their education.

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