Breast Milk vs. Formula? Must Read Part 2


We promised we’d bring you the second half of this debate and here it is. The pros and cons of formula for baby. Formula: Pros Convenient! Baby can be fed in public, and by anyone. This saves a lot of time for mama and she can easily get back to her pre-baby life. Freedom! Mama […]

8 Family Vacation Locations In Nigeria

8 Family Vacation Locations In Nigeria

Easter is almost upon us.  Building a family and chasing your dreams can be tiring, but gratifying. In a few weeks, the kids will be out of school and you might be thinking: how can I make the most of this short vacation? How about bonding on a family vacation, here in Nigeria? Aside from spending […]

Breast Milk vs. Formula? Must Read

breast milk

Breast milk or formula? This debate is as old as…formula. In some hospitals, just before delivery, they make you indicate on a form which feeding philosophy you’ve chosen. Will you bottle-feed or breast-feed? Will you do both? For many women in our mothers’ generation, it was a no-brainer. They had seen their own mothers (our […]

Nursery Ideas On A Budget

Nursery Ideas On A Budget

The arrival of a baby is one that comes with serious plans and preparations. A lot of things have to be in place to ensure a smooth transition. You want her to feel as safe and comfortable in her new home. One of those necessities is a baby nursery. Whether it’s in your bedroom or in […]

5 Low Maintenance Hairstyles For Working Moms

5 Low Maintenance Hairstyles For Working Moms

Working moms are busy. Between getting the kids ready for school and getting to work, the chances of having some ‘me time’ are few and far between. The only time we get is usually in traffic. The other day, we shared five practical makeup tips for working moms because we understand the dilemmas working moms […]

No Sleep? No Problem: 5-Minute Makeup Tips For Working Moms

How Working Moms Can Return To The Workplace After Childbearing

Admit it, working moms are probably the busiest people on earth. How easy can it be to juggle careers, kids husbands and domestic work all at once? Yes, selflessness is the working mom’s mantra. More often than not, we never have time for ourselves much less the time to contour and highlight every morning (unless you’re […]

Working Mum’s Guide To Working From Home

working mum

At some point, you decide whether you want to stay at home and be your child’s full-time caregiver or return to full-time employment. A working mum can choose to combine both by working from home. When you go off to a place of employment, your full attention can be on just the tasks you’ve been […]

High-Impact CVs for Working Moms

“I need a new job.” Alero announces as she slides into the cafeteria booth beside her friends, all working moms at various stages in their careers. “That bad, uh?” Yinka gives her a sympathetic side-hug. “What did your boss do this time?” “Remember that assignment I wanted? The one to develop a new strategy for […]

A Working Mom’s Guide To A Recession – Friendly Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. You’re not sure how you feel about it falling on a weekday. Add the state of the economy, and you’re almost certain it won’t be as glamorous as it once was. You remember being giddy with excitement and anticipation, waiting for the gifts, the surprise getaways, the mysterious dinner dates with […]

6 Goals You Should Set This Year

I just want to be good at what I do. I want to be a good engineer. A good wife. A good mama. A good writer/blogger. I want to be a good friend. A good child of God. A good daughter. A good sister. Cousin. I want to earn a decent income.   But “good” […]