3 Ways To Store Expressed Breast Milk

You’ve pumped milk and baby aren’t quite ready for it yet. So what next? How do you store expressed milk? You have three options. At room temperature You can leave freshly expressed milk in a room where the temperature is between 16 -27 deg C, for 3 to 6 hours. Any warmer, then it’s best […]

3 Ways To Store Expressed Breast Milk

Breast Milk vs. Formula? Must Read Part 2

We promised we’d bring you the second half of this debate and here it is. The pros and cons of formula for baby. Formula: Pros Convenient! Baby can be fed in public, and by anyone. This saves a lot of time for mama and she can easily get back to her pre-baby life. Freedom! Mama […]


Breast Milk vs. Formula? Must Read

Breast milk or formula? This debate is as old as…formula. In some hospitals, just before delivery, they make you indicate on a form which feeding philosophy you’ve chosen. Will you bottle-feed or breast-feed? Will you do both? For many women in our mothers’ generation, it was a no-brainer. They had seen their own mothers (our […]

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