8 Things I Learnt As A 2nd Time Mother

1. Diapers are interchangeable. First time around, I was inundated with horror stories of how the wrong diaper would lead to diaper rash, raw peeling skin and a super cranky baby. I was so terrified that every time my relatives abroad asked me what I’d like, I’d always reply, “Diapers!” They would buy the diapers […]

5 Unusual Christmas Gifts Your Children Will Thank You For

It’s that time of the year again. ‘Tis the season to be jolly with jollof rice, chicken, new clothes, snappy hairdos and of course, gifts. As parents, it is our duty, it seems, to provide our children with a mandatory Christmas gift. And the toy companies are not missing out on the pressure. Everywhere I […]

5 Unusual Christmas Gifts Your Children Will Thank You For

How My Long Distance Relationship Helped Me

A lot of people thought it was crazy to have a long-distance relationship. Was it a proper commitment? Shouldn’t we have made it an “open” relationship? How did we know the other person didn’t have a proper face-to-face relationship with another?

6 Fun Things You Should Do With Your Kids in Lagos

Learning doesn’t end in the classroom, and hanging out with your kids can be both fun and educational. A great family outing is essential for creating long-lasting memories that the whole family will treasure forever. Also, the things you do with your kids when they are very young can influence the choices they make when […]

Safety Tips At Home for Babies & Children

Ensuring your child’s safety means taking steps to prevent accidents & illnesses from happening. We can do this more in the case of accidents and to a somewhat less extent in the case of illnesses e.g. prevent exposure to triggers of seizures or asthma attacks but less so for congenital illnesses. “Accidents hurt – safety doesn’t” […]