I Went Hunting for a Preschool in Lekki. Here’s What I Found.

There comes a time in every child’s life when he must start school. The question is: which school, though? With so many options (and half as many scary stories!), I knew it would not be an easy search. Luckily, I referred to this article by my friend, Bim. I also asked people on Twitter to […]

I Went Hunting for a Preschool in Lekki. Here's What I Found Out (Part 1)

Safety Tips At Home for Babies & Children

Ensuring your child’s safety means taking steps to prevent accidents & illnesses from happening. We can do this more in the case of accidents and to a somewhat less extent in the case of illnesses e.g. prevent exposure to triggers of seizures or asthma attacks but less so for congenital illnesses. “Accidents hurt – safety doesn’t” […]