Vacations Are Great For Your Career. Here’s How.

I can imagine the look on my boss’s face as I make the argument for going on leave. Because this is Nigeria. We agree in principle that yes, vacations are good and workers need times for rest. On the other hand, the work pressures make it seem like there’s no good time to go on leave. Every moment of the year is critical, the team always needs you.

Vacation time is vacation time.

Give yourself a break from work. While completely disconnecting from the office might be wishful thinking, do minimize the number of times you check in via telephone and email. Try. Turn off the phone. Pretend to have bad network when they call you from the office.

Don’t spend all of it on your side hustle.

Because then, it’s not a vacation anymore. It’s a work-cation. Do you want to burn out? No, you don’t want to burn out. You just want to burn a little, and save the rest of the candle for other things.

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Vacations Are Great For Your Career. Here's How.

Spend some time with your children.

Some mothers swear they need a vacation to recover from vacation time with their children. That feeling is real. You can minimize the stress by selecting low intensity activities to do together. Not shopping. Kids don’t like to shop with their mothers. Think back on your own childhood.

Spend some time by yourself.

Vacations help you reflect on your journey. What’s working, what isn’t, how to take the next step towards your dreams. Use the clarity of mind afforded by being at rest to make concrete decisions on your education, your financial investments and improving your family life.

Did you take any time off during the holidays?

How did you spend it?