Worth The Hype: 8 Skincare Must-Have For The Nigerian 30 Year Old

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Worth The Hype: 8 Skincare Must-Have For The Nigerian 30 Year Old

Worth The Hype: 8 Skincare Must-Have For The Nigerian 30 Year Old

You’re 30. And after what seems like a lifetime of beach parties, too many cocktails and small chops, bridal and baby showers (yours included, perhaps) and a career full of highs and lows,  you’ve found yourself here with skin that looks a decade older. Don’t panic. Drink water. Life happens and your skin isn’t left out of the ‘fun’. What worked in your 20s might not work anymore. As you grow older, your skin’s cell turnover rate slows, inviting dullness, pigmentation and collagen production drop off which eventually sets the stage for wrinkles. Yes, it’s a gradual process but you need to start addressing it now.

Before you can start any skincare routine, it’s best to seek professional advice and find out what kind of skin you have. Do you have normal, dry, oily or combination skin? Are you dealing with a skin condition? Is your skin sensitive or acne prone? Knowing your skin will help you decide what natural skincare products you should use. However, these are some products that you really need to include in your skin care regimen especially if you are 30 and above.

Hydrating toner

Most soaps are alkaline and tend to raise the pH of the skin, leading to disruption of the acid mantle on the skin and ultimately breakouts. A toner balances the skin’s pH. As you grow older, your skin doesn’t retain as much water. This gives you dry and somewhat sensitive skin. Think soothing in all your products, even your toner. Lay off the stripping foamy cleansers, and boost hydration with an essence or hydrating toner.  Remember to avoid skin care products that contain known irritants like perfume and unsafe preservatives


Now is the time to really raise your exfoliation game. Exfoliation used to be all about pimple prevention. Now, it’s about boosting cell turnover. You should exfoliate at least twice a week to keep skin soft, supple, smooth and bright. You can either do a physical exfoliation using facial scrubs or do a chemical exfoliation using fruit acids.

Worth The Hype: 8 Skincare Must-Have For The Nigerian 30 Year Old


The number one issue plaguing 30-somethings is pigmentation. It appears as sunspots, dullness, acne induced spots, or melasma patches that surface during pregnancy. To battle the pigment build-up without further irritating your skin, invest in products with ingredients like Vitamin C, licorice and alpha arbutin that are plant-based and safe.

Boost collagen production and fight fine lines with Vitamin A

Getting botox might seem like an easy and stress-free way to fight wrinkles and fine lines but no one likes to have that permanently surprised look on their face all the time. Invest in retinoids or natural alternatives like Rose-hip seed oil. It is an amazing source of vitamin A and works wonders on aging skin.

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Eye cream

Invest in a good eye cream. Your eyes need a different moisturizer than the rest of your skin, as the skin around the eye is thinner and more delicate. Eye creams are formulated specifically for this type of skin.


Sunscreen is crucial. They do a great job of keeping everything out such as UVA, UVB and all wavelengths of light that can contribute to brown spots and wrinkles. However being sun-smart in your 30s means more than just sunscreen. Be equally vigilant about antioxidants, which neutralize free radicals borne of sunlight, pollution, and heat. You can easily introduce antioxidants into your diet by eating colorful fruits and veggies.


Moisture is key. Use a lightweight moisturizer and seal with a face oil. Always moisturize on wet skin. The face oil seals moisture and prevents a certain percentage of water from evaporating.

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Hydrating mask

Indulge yourself with a hydrating mask at least once a week. Masks unclog and shrink pores, revealing a glow you never thought existed.

Finally, remember that skincare isn’t only about your products, it’s also about your food. Focus on a diet rich in vitamin-packed foods. Drink plenty of water! Water is essential to a good skin so make sure you are getting enough. Get plenty of rest to prevent a dehydrated complexion, redness, and breakouts. 

What else would you add?

What skincare tips have worked for you in Nigeria?


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Debola is the Lead Formulator at Kijani Organics and is passionate about restoring skin’s health, one natural product at a time.
Instagram: @kijaniorganics_

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