6 Tips For Selecting A Creche in Nigeria

6 Tips For Selecting A Creche in Nigeria

Choosing the right creche for your baby may sound like a simple task, but most first-time moms find out soon enough that the process can be nerve-racking. Every other day, there’s a horrifying story of children being maltreated, harmed or worse while in the care of other adults. Still, we have to work. Some working mothers decide to enroll their children in creches. While it might seem inevitable, it is important to make certain that you are not leaving your child at a facility that does not guarantee the well-being of children.

If you are on the hunt for a great creche to enroll your child, there are a few universal tips that should inform your decision. This means that whether you are searching for a good creche in Lagos or New York, you should use the tips below as a guide to finding the best creche.


Location matters. A creche located close to your home or workplace will ensure that you don’t run late because you had to drop off your baby. Also, you can be comforted by the fact that you’ll be close enough should your child come down with a high temperature or in the case of other emergencies.


Knowing that your child is safe in a secure creche will help reduce separation anxiety, especially if you are a first-time mom. Check that the creche has policies in place that will prevent random strangers from just walking in and picking up a child. Some good creches require advance notice if you cannot pick up your baby yourself or if you have to send a family member to do it for you. You should choose a facility that has security cameras on the premises.

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Inspect the Creche

It is not enough to just pick a creche because it is well-maintained, you should also check to see that it is equipped to handle emergencies. Ask about the toys the children play with and confirm that they are suitable for your child’s age. Make sure that the creche has a first-aid kit on-site, as well as a qualified nurse to take care of emergencies. Inspect the building and confirm that it is adequately ventilated. Confirm that harmful chemicals are kept out of reach of the children.

 Check the Credentials of the Caretakers

You should not feel guilty about digging up information about the people in whose care you will leave your child. Are they certified caregivers? Do they have experience in the field? Are there enough caregivers to effectively take care of the number of children in the creche?


While some creches encourage mothers to leave a packed lunch box for their children, others have an in-house menu. Check that the dietary provisions match your expectations. Some creches can adjust the menu to suit each child’s dietary needs.


You probably decided to find a creche for your child because of your busy schedule. For this reason, it is important to confirm if the creche remains open on school holidays and breaks. You do not want a place that may close when you are not able to get off work.

In summary, you should never let your guard down even after choosing a creche for you child. Inspect the facility periodically to make sure that they maintain the standard that informed your decision to enroll your child. 

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