7 Work-Life Balance Tips For Working Moms

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7 Work-Life Balance Tips For Working Moms

7 Work-Life Balance Tips For Working Moms

As millennial women, we have been told all sorts.

You can’t have it all.

You have to choose between a career and a family.

Work-life balance is unattainable. It’s a myth.

And many others.

But it’s 2017 and in case you haven’t noticed, women have been breaking glass ceilings in their careers WHILST managing a home.

So, indeed achieving a work-life balance is completely attainable with the right structure and support system in place.

One of our themes for the month of September is work-life balance and we have been sharing actionable tips on our Instagram (go follow, if you haven’t) and we thought we should round it all up here.


So, here are seven work-life balance tips for working moms.

1. Always plan the night before.

This is such a simple tip that will save you a lot of stress in the mornings. If you need to clean up the kitchen and have breakfast prepped down, do so the previous night. Lay out your outfits for you and your kids. Also, don’t forget to get their backpacks and lunch bags ready.

2. Plan your meals ahead.

This is also a no-brainer. I know mums that prefer to cook in bulk for weeks ahead. So, find out what works for you. Do you prefer to chop your vegetables and freeze them in portions or cook all your soups and stews for the month? Planning your meals ahead is also another way to achieve work-life balance.

3. Take advantage of the internet.

Mums, we cannot the deny the importance of the internet and how it has made our lives significantly easier. So, take advantage of it, utilize it and be great. If there’s anything that can be done online such as your grocery shopping, don’t hesitate. By doing so, you’re making time for other productive things.

7 Work-Life Balance Tips For Working Moms

4. Look out for flexible work hours.

Now, this can be quite tricky because we are in Nigeria and we know Nigerian employers. They are not exactly gracious with their work hours. For most people, flexible work hours end after the maternity leave but there’s no harm in trying. See if you can negotiate flexible work hours to enable you to have more time for your family. If an opportunity arises, don’t hesitate to jump at it.

5. Create a family calendar and delegate responsibilities.

Growing up, I know quite a number of families used family calendars to stay organized. In fact, the most common type was the food calendar. If you don’t have one, you can create one now. Family calendars help you stay at the top of things such as monitoring delegated responsibilities and remembering important family events.

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6. Leave work at work.

Statistics say that 37% of parents find it hard to switch off from ‘work mode’ at home. We understand how tough it can be to leave work at work and technology isn’t helping matters but we implore you to try. Find a way to separate work from your family life.

7. Make time for self-care.

As a working mum, ‘me time’ is very important for your physical and mental health. Even if it is 30 minutes a day. Set out time for yourself.

I hope these seven tips will help you achieve a better work-life balance.

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